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Get a Grip : Custom Fitting at Canons Court

If the fingertips dig into the palm, the grip diameter is too small and if there is a noticeable gap, the grip is too large,   It is important to understand that too small or too large of a grip will result in extra tension in the golfer’s hands.
Custom Fit @ Canons Court with Lamkin Grips from £7.50 each
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There is no such thing as an average golfer or a standard set of golf clubs!
Manufacturers build clubs to their own standard, but there is no ‘generic’ standard throughout golf. The performance characteristic between different makes and models varies tremendously so our professional help is highly recommended.
Golfers should use clubs suited to their swing, not change their swing to accommodate ill-suited clubs.
It is a myth to think you are not good enough to get your clubs custom fitted, whether you have been playing golf for twenty years, or you have just started out, your game WILL improve though custom fitting…..whether you are buying a set of irons or just a wedge, your game WILL improve through custom fit at Canons Court Golf Club
Good golf grips are essential to your game.

A Golf Grip should feel good in your hands. When a club is in your hands, you should feel confident and connected to the club head.


Grips that are worn will slip and increase torque, which means less accurate shot making. New grips will give you the traction and tack you need to make better shots.     We offer a regrip service.

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