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The Course

Canons Court Golf Club and Driving Range is a gem of a course nestling under the Cotswold escarpment near Wotton – Under – Edge in Gloucestershire. If you are looking for Golf Courses near me in Gloucestershire – Look no further than Canons Court!

The club has a 9 hole course, a 10 bay modern driving range and friendly clubhouse boasting fabulous catering and a warm atmosphere. You can warm up on the range before going out to play the testing course and then relax and reflect on what might have been at the bar afterwards.

Hole by hole


1st An interesting opening hole, the first fairway curves slightly to the left and rises to an inviting green guarded by bunkers on the left and right. Players must take care not to lose the shot to the right as the hedge is the boundary of the course, but playing too far to the left will find your ball in a small copse.

A well played tee shot will find you with a short iron approach and maybe the chance of an opening birdie.

2nd A par 3, this hole can vary in club selection depending on the strength and direction of the wind. The out of bounds fence lurks tight to the right hand side especially when you get to the putting green and a drop off down a steep bank waits for any ball drawn too far to the left.

3rd A medium length par 4 hole, the 3rd also curves slightly to the left and requires a reasonable length drive to set up your approach to the green. The left side is filled with a row of conifer trees and too far to the right will see the ball tight to the out of bounds hedge. Getting to the green is only part of the challenge as the putting surface is far from flat and at the back of the green it rises to a table top plateau, making for some very interesting putts.

4th One of the longer holes it demands a good drive over the marker post. Bigger hitters will send their shots to the right of the post and risk the longer carry over the hedge onto a wide fairway. There’s a stream that meanders across the fairway and this tends to catch more than its fair share of golf balls. The green is tucked in the bottom corner of the golf course and a par here has to be well earned.

5th You turn back toward the Cotswolds on tee number 5, a par 3 with a pond back left, a bunker front left and trees covering the right hand side. This hole is generally a medium length iron but needs a straight shot to avoid having to fight to make your par.

6th The longest of the par 4’s and to add to the challenge it’s uphill all the way. The right side is out of bounds all the way and the left side is protected by a fairway bunker half way up the hole. This hole demands good golf shots all the way and a par is an achievement for all players.

7th You head back down the hill on hole number 7, which also draws slightly to the left. It’s always an inviting driving hole as you send your ball way out into the distance and down the generous fairway. If you avoid the bunkers protecting the green, you could find yourself with a par putt or better.

its in the water

8th A feature hole, it’s a par 5 and tracks its course up through the valley, which is full of  interesting hazards and obstacles to avoid. The drive has to clear the ditch and stream and find the gently sloping fairway, the second stroke needs to miss the pond on the right side and the island of wild grasses in the middle of the fairway. Once you get to the green, you will need to take care as there are some very tricky lies.

9th This is a par 3 playing to the elevated green situation to the right of the driving range. The tee shot needs to be well struck to ensure it carries up and onto the putting surface or it will leave a demanding chip shot to make the par.

the 18th 300

The players then play around the course for a second time and when they come back to the 18th tee, they play to the green in front of the clubhouse for a grandstand finish.