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Tips for playing Golf at Canons Court

If you are a fair-weather golfer, no doubt you have been longing for the time when good weather comes around again so you can get out on the golf course. Canons Court Golf Club is now fully open, (pending adverse weather conditions and we ask you to refer to our website for information).

However, no doubt there’s also a part of you that is dreading your first game, even if it’s just a small bit of dread. You have probably not played in such a while, you’re worried you might get frustrated, lose your rag or just be downright rubbish after not playing in so long.

So, to help you out a bit, below are a few tips to help you prepare before your first game, as well as keep you sane during it too.

longshot-green-3001. Organise a game with friends of the same level

When you haven’t golfed for a while, you need to be prepared for the fact your drive may not be as long, your swing not as comfortable and your putts not as accurate as you remember them all being. Therefore, when you are arranging for your first game of the season, it’s a good idea to arrange it with friends or family members who have the same handicap as you and who have also not been playing regularly throughout the wind and rain.

If you arrange to play with all-weather golfers, you will only find it incredibly frustrating since they will be more used to the course than you and they also won’t have lost any of their ability through lack of play as you might have.

2. Visit the driving range on the day of your game

So many people arrive at the first tee having not warmed up properly, after months of golf inactivity and just expect their drive to be the same as it was last summer. This is never the case. You will find it well worth the effort of visiting the driving range first. Just be careful not to tire yourself out too much.
Golf is something you have to practice at and if you don’t practice your drive and swing before your first game commences, you are probably not going to be very happy with the results. Plus having a warm up beforehand is much better for your body.

3. Make sure your golf shoes are worn in

Many people, upon the arrival of each new fair-weather season decide to buy a ton of new golfing clothes and more often than not, this also involves golf shoes. There is nothing wrong with this, it is after all, very nice to look good when playing golf, however, it’s a bad idea to wear brand new shoes on your very first game.
You should try to wear in your new shoes a few weeks before your first game, just wear them around the house or garden; otherwise you will find you start to suffer after walking a few hundred yards on the golf course.

4. Keep calm and remember patience is key to playing well

Golf is not the best game for those who have a lack of patience. Unfortunately, despite this fact, many impatient people still find themselves out on the golf course. When it is your first game of the season you are even more likely to lose your patience as you will be out of practice.
You’ve got to keep in mind; you will improve as you start to play more. Just have this fact keep going round in your head and take deep breaths whenever you find it becoming increasingly frustrating. If you let your impatience get to you, it will only make your game go a lot worse.

5. Remember to just relax and enjoy

There should be no pressure on your first game of the season. Don’t play with anyone who forces the game to be more competitive than you’d like it to be. You need to play your first game with others who are just happy to take their time, play nice and slowly and just enjoy their time out on the course. Playing golf in nice weather after months of missing the game due to bad weather is a time to cherish, so make sure you do so.

If you require guidance please ask Sam our Club Secretary to organise a meeting with our Club Pro.