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Bad Weather Policy



In the case of inclement weather please call Club House before travelling to the Golf Club Especially in the months late Nov to late Jan.  Or call Club House  01453 843128 and we will leave the details on answer phone.

Bad Weather Policy


In the event of lightning, golfers out on the course are advised to cease playing. They should go to the nearest shelter until the lightning has moved away and play is not to commence until a period of 15 minutes has passed since the last lightning strike.

Heavy Rain

When heavy rain is expected, the Weather Warning sign will be placed on the website Home Page. Sam Bond our Club Secretary will communicate with Club Captain about Closures and a voice message left on the Club House phone. The course will be temporarily closed and play suspended.
If you have not updated your email or contact addresses we would ask you please do so immediately please. Forms are now available from Sam to update you details.


Playing golf in frosty conditions can cause irreparable damage to the playing surfaces. When thaw is evident play will be delayed or postponed, thereby reducing the possibility of damage to the grass.